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Real wood brings beauty to any interior, but more and more people are looking for woodwork with a feeling of maturity that only comes with decades of wear.

Structural Green Oak Work

Green oak frames and structures are highly popular in renovations and new builds at present, creating an attractive aged look in even modern buildings over just a few years.

Green oak garden gazebos

A well designed and constructed green oak gazebo may age quickly for a classic look, but it will be there for you to enjoy for decades with just a little timber care every now and then.

Green oak roofs and framing

Green oak makes a great framework for all kinds of structures; it matures quickly for wonderful looks and it’s easy and quick to work, shape and saw making it ideal for larger constructions like building frames or roof trusses.

Green Oak Gazebo

However you want to use green oak, we can provide a comprehensive joinery manufacturing service from our Bristol workshops, constructing timberwork of the finest quality for contractors throughout Gloucestershire, the South West and as far afield as London, Maidstone, Oxford and Liverpool.

Get the beauty of ancient oak in just a few years with Falcon Joinery’s green oak services, to learn more contact us today and speak with one of our experienced team.